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June 28, 2006



The other end of the equation is to ignore money altogether, which is a different flavor of but remains in its essence, freedom.


I agree, there will never be true empirical equality as a value in society. The key to freedom is to be surrendered with that truth.

Killer B

I wish you both lived next door to me. Or I to you. Whatever. Just so we could do this in person. That would rock.

Carl Weaver

I have known of prisoners who have felt freedom from behind bars and people who have had seemingly unlimited wealth and found themselves bound in their lives. It's a little too simplistic to say that freedom has to be found within us, and this statement also sidesteps the issue of freedoms here in the physical world, access to opportunity, etc.

But Charles is right - freedom can be bought, as can justice and chees fries. It's all about money, and I agree that it's sad.

I think it's amazing that Charles Hope is a philosopher even during Drunken Breakfast. That's usually the time I start crying hysterically and asking people if they would be my friend and telling them how much I love them. It's not pretty.

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