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May 04, 2006



This is going to be great! I feel the same way a lot, and I'm usually annoyed with myself because it's so easy to make a video about my cat, but I really should be out making more for social and political change. I think we all do our best, though, and I think this conversation will help push things forward. I can't actually watch the video while I'm at work :(, but I'm basing this comment on what you wrote above. Anyway, now that the summer is mine, I intend to be making much more...let's inspire each other and do it!! See you in a few weeks!



I can definitely appreciate your sentiments. That's why I started The New Media Collective (http://newmediacollective.org). I wanted to showcase people of color in the blogosphere and give us a place to see ourselves and get to know each other.

I won't be making it to Vloggercon, but I'll be at BlogHer talking about NMC in July. I'll also be starting my first day at MNN tomorrow, so I look forward to meeting you.

FYI: When I tried to watch the video from the Vloggercon site, it wouldn't fully load. I'm glad I thought to come here and see it.

jonny goldstein

Hey Ivettza,

That's great that you're going to be able to make it out to SF. This is an important discussion.


Excellent webforum!
I Will be back!

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