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April 06, 2005



personally this post was very difficult for me to watch but i am very happy that your father is getting better...... and don't worry cause you'll see him soon

: )

Jay Dedman

thnaks for sharing this.
i would never have known this part of your life from the awkward conversations in the hallway at work.
you got zaz, kid.

Robert Scoble


I'm in a hospital room too and just wrote this up.


My best wishes to your dad. Hope he has a speedy and complete recovery!

Josh Kinberg

I hope your father recovers soon. Best wishes to you and your family through this tough time. Thanks for sharing this video. It is very powerful.

jonny goldstein

Wow. Very powerful. I wish him continued recovery. Thanks for posting this.


Thank you for sharing such a personal and emotional part of your life. I hope it helps to know that there are many people sending out postive energy and well-wishes to both you and your dad. I hope he has a fast recovery.


I'm glad your father is on his way towards a full recovery. I hope that the support and energy from people you don't even know may strengthen you and your family. I've been in your shoes and my prayers are with you.


I hope for the best and my thoughts are with you. don't hesitate to post to the videoblogging group on yahoo... we're here for you. *virtual hug* -Joel


You are very brave to share this in such a direct and sincere way. It will stay in my mind for a long time. Will be thinking of you and whishing your father continued recovery.


When I saw this clip it really stuck in my mind and heart. Many blessings.


i just cried and cried when i saw this.
you just shared such a personal and intimate and scary moment with us.
thank you.
you are brave.


Hang in there Honey Bear, Papi can make it through this. He has been in worse places. I love you and him very much (even if you did post this sad, sad blog on my birthday.) (Stop it now, you have been preoccupied for God's sake!!!!!!!!!!)
I will call you on my journey. It starts Monday and ends Saturday.
Love ya!


I wasn't ready to watch this when I first heard about it, but tonight I did. I feel very privileged that you shared such a touching, personal moment with all of us. Thank you. How is he doing now?


yeah, that was really intense. very moving. glad to know he's recovering. This was a while ago, has he been released?


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