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March 17, 2005



very beautiful tribute to your dad.... all thoughts, love and prayers are with you and your family

jay dedman

hey ivettza--
so cool.
real good to see.
no one is telling me what's going on.
im assuming its something bad.
let us know if you need anything.
show me what's going on.



Good work.

I like your stuff, put up some more videos!


Hey baby, what the hell is happening? I would call you this instant but it is 9:32 am on a Sunday. I go and do Moon for the Misbegotten and the world shifts????????
Call me and tell me he's all better and I am a bad friend for losing touch for a month.
Love you

Doug Bradley

Hi Ivettza,
We haven't heard much from you in a while. I'm hoping your father is improving. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


Glad that I've finally heard something from you. Hope everything is getting better with your dad. Sure to miss talking to you. Love you

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